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summer fest

It’s fair season!  Hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, and ohhh those funnel cakes…

But wait.  No. Not me…I can’t have any of that!  In fact, I don’t WANT to have any of that!  “Don’t worry about me!  I’ll just go grab something to eat at…um…well.  Okay, I’ll pack some snacks.”

Does that sound familiar to you?  It sure does to me!  And, for someone who has Celiac Disease and doesn’t eat grains, soy, artificial flavors or colors, and doesn’t approve of anything but olive and coconut oils with which to cook (all for good reasons, too…read my health story here), eating out can be a real nightmare.  So, I just don’t.

Through many of life’s lessons, I’ve learned that crafting a solution to the problem is much more fruitful and enjoyable than complaining.  This situation is no different, and I’m looking forward to sharing one of my solutions with you!

What is it?

I’ve hand-picked local, organic if possible, non-GMO ingredients from farmers I know and trust. We’ve created a delicious meal, and we get to celebrate FREEDOM!  The freedom we’ve been given just by living in our country, the opportunity for freedom from poor health, and now a chance to eat and celebrate what else?  GRAIN FREEDOM!

I am so excited to offer this!  I’ve been working on it for weeks, months, and even dreaming about it for a few years.  I hope that you’ll join me!

Dine With Me!

Please know that since this is a new venture for me, there will be limited meals available.  I’m inviting you to pre-order your meal, so that you don’t arrive and find that the meals are sold out – because once they’re gone, they’re gone (the reason for this is that I will be safe-preparing the meals offsite to guard against any cross-contamination and other issues cooking onsite).

I will have two meal options available; one will be gluten free, grain free, and soy free.  The other will be dairy free and legume free (Paleo), and either option can be vegetarian (the Paleo option could also be vegan without the meat).  You can make it a combo with one of our exclusive desserts included (you’ll save $1.00 by doing so).

I’ll have a full ingredient list available onsite (or via e-mail ahead of time if desired; e-mail Jen at

Food bowl for July 2ndYour delicious food bowl will look like this!

Gluten Free Grain Free Soy Free Option

  • Organically-grown Local Spinach/Butter lettuce mix
  • Special Recipe Cauli Rice 
  • “Somewhat Spicy” Black Beans (beans are soaked and cooked from scratch)
  • Grass-fed Mozzarella Cheese (grated by us)
  • Topped with warm “Somewhat Spicy” Locally Raised Grass-Fed Beef (by Flying J Farm)
    • Sour Cream (on the side)
    • Fresh Salsa (on the side)

Paleo option

  • All of the above, minus the beans, cheese & sour cream

Dessert options will be either our exclusive cashew butter chocolate chip cookie, our delicious sea salt almond chocolate bar, or a very special star-shaped blueberry no-bake cookie (see picture below).Blueberry star

To order ahead, please choose the option below that suits you the best.  If you need any item changed/removed, please send an e-mail to, as the meals will be pre-packaged and can’t be changed onsite (to keep things simple, you can choose the dessert onsite, but if you’d like a specific one please e-mail me after you’ve placed your order.)

As a bonus, pre-paid orders won’t have to wait in line! Just approach the table and tell us you have a pre-paid meal.  We’ll retrieve it, add any desired toppings and a dessert if reserved!  (Please note! All reserved orders must be picked up by 9pm)

  • Event Date:  July 2, 2015
  • Location:  Heath’s Geller Park, 580 Cynthia Street, Heath, OH  43056
  • What:  Live music, shows, inflatables for the kids, and amazing fireworks set to music at 10pm

This event has ended.  Thank you all for your support!



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