Throwback Thursday – What is YOUR Gluten Free Life Doing for You?

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On this Throwback Thursday, I’m celebrating that I have dropped off my 100th plus-sized garment at the consignment shop!

 Pant Sizes with years added

This picture actually represents only the HALFWAY point of my journey to a gluten free life.  The black jeans were a size 14, and I was so relieved at that point (down 4 sizes!).  I had finally lost 32 pounds, dropped inflammation and cholesterol levels, and had started to feel better. 

Never in a million years would I have guessed that only two years later, I would even FIT into a pair of Hollister skinny jeans, let alone have healthy cholesterol levels, no sign of diabetes, no inflammation, and have a whole new life to enjoy!  The difference in the two years?  Going completely grain free, which is the only TRUE gluten free lifestyle.

In what ways has a gluten free life changed YOU?

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