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Easy Baked Hard Boiled Eggs

There are a couple of items that have continued to challenge my cooking skills in the last couple of years.  One of them is bacon, and the other is hard-boiled eggs. With bacon, I’ve decided that there just isn’t an easy fix to cook an entire package at once and walk away. […]

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Gluten Free Paleo Hot Breakfast

Mmmmmmm…those mornings when you start the day with a delicious, hot breakfast…a bowl of oatmeal, piled high, topped with warm milk, and all decked out with maple and brown sugar… Yum.  Those were the days…right?!   Suffice it to say, it’s been years since I experienced anything close to that! […]

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Grain Free Paleo Pancakes

Breakfast is calling!  As a reminder, all of my recipes must be as follows: Simple Delicious Use ingredients I already have or can obtain easily (we don’t have a Whole Foods available in close proximity) Be normal enough to gain approval from non-Gluten Free teenagers Achievable without fancy equipment (for […]

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