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I thought I’d have a Starbucks, and then I saw this

There is no doubt that marketing is a powerful tool. Right?  For example, if you have children, at what age did they recognize the McDonald’s sign?  (mine were still in diapers!)  And then there’s the ambiance and aroma of a coffee shop.  The sounds that delight many: coffee beans in the grinder, […]

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Another Place Corn and Soy are Hiding

I wandered down the aisle of frozen vegetables, happily shopping in an area of the store that was “safe” on a true gluten free diet (for more on what I mean by that, please read this). I was working on a recipe that was heavy on chopped herbs, and a […]

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Digging in: Ingredient Labels

How far do you go to make sure that the product you’re ingesting doesn’t contain gluten or soy ingredients (or anything else to which you have an intolerance/allergy/sensitivity)? I generally don’t like to shout.  However, after my recent personal (and AWFUL) experience, I’m here with a reminder:  if you aren’t […]

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