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Egg Roll in a Bowl (Grain Free, Paleo, Keto, AIP)

Ahhh, breakfast. One of the most important meals of the day! I’ve had many requests for grain-free breakfast ideas over the years. This is why I created our grain-free Paleo cinnamon delight bagels, keto everything bagels, Paleoatmeal, and even our brand new granola (which some are enjoying as a cereal!) […]

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Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe (Dairy Free|Keto|Paleo|Vegan)

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Wait a second, it’s MAY. Why in the world am I writing about a soup recipe in MAY?? For one, this soup was so amazing and simple, I just had to share! For two, it’s been unusually cold and dreary for this month of May in Ohio. I’d been hankering […]

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The Why Behind My Grain Free Business

Last week, I shared this post on Facebook about something that happened at our local farmer’s market. It caused me to pause and re-focus on the “why” behind my dedicated gluten & grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free business, and I thought it was important enough to share yet again! I would love […]

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Grain Free Allergen Free Treats Featured on Indy Style

Today was so exciting!  I was interviewed during Indy Style’s fun morning show to talk about grain free, allergen friendly treats for Halloween. I was blessed to share (on live TV) about my story, our products, some festive grain-free treat ideas and the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest which is happening […]

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Grain Free Cherry Tomato Salad

Cherry tomatoes!  Cherry tomatoes…everywhere! I began gardening just three years ago, and one of the first things I planted was a cherry tomato.  I didn’t realize just how much I would fall in love with these sweet babies, and how prolific just one plant can be! (Garden tip:  They also […]

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Grain Free Lasagna Recipe

Grain Free Lasagna

This time of year always feels like such an abundant blessing.  The tiny seedlings and tender plants that were planted in my garden just a few months ago are suddenly bursting with their full harvest.  And just as I have come to enjoy sharing out the abundance of my gardens, […]

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Not so cheery about gluten-free Cheerios

In the food blogger world, the trending term Cheerios Recall exploded practically overnight when General Mills announced they were recalling 1.8 million boxes of their new gluten free Cheerios cereal. I had erroneously made the assumption (and I’m guessing you’ve heard the adage about what happens when one assumes?) that this […]

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Paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin…pumpkin everywhere! It’s that time of year – leaves blowing around, hoodies abound, and Starbucks brings out the pumpkin spice latte.   Only the latter leaves me with the coldest chill. Why? Because of the ingredients that can…and do… negatively affect our health!   Unfortunately, Starbucks now excludes the ingredients from […]

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Refreshing Healthy Beverage Recipe

Summertime fun is often accompanied by coolers full of soda, 2-liters of lemonade, root beer floats and sweet tea. When removing gluten, grains, and soy from your diet, it doesn’t take long to realize that the majority of those types of beverages generally need to be eliminated (and yes, that includes diet sodas, […]

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Health Care Choices: My visit with a Naturopathic Doctor

A Frustrating Journey During my journey to wellness (read my whole story here), I was overwhelmed with how many doctors could not help me solve what was happening with my body (high cholesterol, extreme weight gain, signs of diabetes and even heart disease). Constantly feeling ill, scared, and quite frankly, […]

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