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Gluten-Free Deodorant: Review of Primal Pit Paste

When I first made the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle, my doctor handed me several lists of ingredients and products to avoid (and I was completely overwhelmed!)  At the time, I scoffed a bit, since I was sure that he was just a bit crazy.  I mean, gluten couldn’t possibly […]

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Giant Eagle Bacon – Free of added nitrates and nitrites

Sometimes, something comes to my attention about negative effects of a particular food or product. That always prompts me to investigate and understand the issue, and investigate the products.  In this particular case, we are talking about bacon. I’ve been eating bacon on an occasional basis, and I am always diligent […]

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Gluten Free Product Review Comparison – Fruit Strips

I’m always looking for snacks on the go. One of our favorites to grab are the fruit strips from Aldi. Although they contain natural flavors, I seem to digest them without issue. While out shopping, I found a new kind marked “organic”, so I had to try it (although they […]

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