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Start a Garden for FREE, part 2

Starting a Garden A few weeks ago, I shared an easy way to start your garden for free by getting seeds from a local seed library (see this post). In between that post and now, a lot has happened: a little travel, a LOT of rain, and a messy, muddy garden […]

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FREE Seed Library

Dreaming of a Green Garden Who is ready to get their garden started? The winter seems to have gone on forever.  I’m in DIRE need of fresh produce!  Although I remain grateful for a season that provides perspective (winter), I’m longing for those greens that excite the taste buds…the first […]

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Cilantro: Preserving By Freeze Drying

The garden abundance has continued, and I am so grateful for it!  Even moreso, I am grateful for what I am learning…canning, preserving, dehydrating, drying.  Fun and fulfilling!   Any cilantro lovers out there? Mmmmmm!!! I love this herb, so versatile and flavorful!  I use it in many of my […]

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