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Personal Chef Service & Meals To Go

Gluten Free Personal Chef

Your healthy life can STILL be delicious! Jen started The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet because she knows how overwhelming and difficult it can be to eat for good health.  Jen has developed a matrix of specialized meals that are so delicious, you’ll never know they are gluten & grain free!

In addition, she has received specialized training to understand the issues of cross-contamination. Because of this, she uses a special set of dedicated pans and utensils to ensure they are free of gluten, grain, and soy ingredients.  Jen also works with other dietary lifestyles, including Paleo (no dairy, legumes, or refined sugars), Keto, low-carb, Whole 30, and Auto Immune Protocol (AIP). 

Let Jen’s expertise help you stay on track with packed lunches, delicious dinners, snacks and amazing desserts!  Jen will do all the planning, shopping, prep, and cleanup.  She can also prepare event menus, corporate lunches, and provide meal planning if desired.  

Services available:

  • Weekly Menu Plan + Grocery List                                $49  & up
  • Grain-Free Cooking Lessons                                  $75 & up
  • Personal Chef Service (in your home)                          $299 & up

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Speaking Engagements & Classes

Gluten Free Presenter Gluten Free Speaker

Jen has brought her story and knowledge to the forefront by sharing it with various audiences.  She became certified with Gluten Free Society in order to understand the medical side of Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.  

Her compelling and insightful personal story encourages participants to take a closer look at the relationship of nutrition and health, and how to become better informed health consumers and practitioners. Her classes range from a basic “How to Get Started” session, to more in-depth and relevant topics that address today’s myriad of dietary lifestyles (such as Jen’s latest talk: Keto vs. Paleo) for each audience, including physicians who want to integrate a nutritional approach to their existing practice.  Click here to schedule for your event today!  

Personal & Group Coaching

Gluten Free Personal Coach

Grain Free Personal Coach

Let Jen’s journey to good health inspire yours! Jen will personally coach you (or a small group) on how to make the  transition to a grain free lifestyle in simplified steps.  It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive!

If you are newly diagnosed, Jen understands how overwhelming and confusing the information is, and she will save you hours of research by instructing you with the facts and her product knowledge.  

Jen received her certification with Gluten Free Society, and combines her expertise with the practical knowledge of how to shop and prepare.  She studied under Dr. Peter Osborne and Dr. Glen Aukerman to ensure you receive the proper instruction and steps to improve your health when gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease is an issue.  Click here to schedule a consultation.

$35  Personal Consultation Session

Includes 30 minutes of private consultation.  Consultation can include answering general questions, personal coaching follow up, assistance with questions about shopping or ingredients, or a menu review to look for sources of hidden gluten, grains, and soy in your diet (can occur over the phone or online).

$99  Getting Started on Grain Free Living – Introduction Package

Includes current health assessment, goal-setting, how to begin the transition, ingredients to avoid, two weeks of follow up check-in, and access to the support group and private online forum (all can be done online or over the phone if necessary).

Other services and packages are available.  Please contact us to schedule a consultation.