Re-Grow Celery in 3 Easy Steps

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Re-growing Celery

Celery babyFrugal gardener…that could be my new title! 

Earlier this year, I offered posts on starting a garden for free (click here and here).  I haven’t even had time to report on how many vegetables I’ve gotten for FREE this year, just by composting last year and over the winter!  More about that later.  

This tip about celery was just too good not to share immediately (and the picture of the baby celery was just too cute to keep to myself!)

We all need to be consuming at least 8-9 servings of vegetables per day.  Celery is a wonderful option, provided you don’t have a latex allergy (celery contains a protein carbohydrate that mimics the structure of latex, and can cause an auto-immune response if latex sensitivity exists, along with several other foods like bananas, avocado, and kiwi [source:]).  

Raw celery is my go to snack for crunch, and is great for movie night snacks with nut butter or savory sausage dip.  Yum!  Cooked celery is excellent in soups and broth, or as a side vegetable with a roast.  When I found out that I could re-grow something from what I already had, I just had to give it a try!

3 Simple Steps to Re-Grow Celery

Tip:  It’s always best to start with organic vegetables, to avoid harmful pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

1.  After washing thoroughly, cut off the bottom part of the celery.


2.  Place in a shallow dish, add water, and place in a sunny location.


3.  Water it regularly, and watch for it to start growing in just a few days!  

Once the outer parts have started to turn brown, plant it in a tall planter with the tips of the leaves still showing, or outside in the garden…but be sure to give it lots of water!

Celery baby IMG_7203 IMG_7202


Let me know if it works for you! Happy Gardening!




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