Quick Facts about Celiac Disease

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Did you know?

-There are over 300 symptoms of Celiac Disease
-While some develop symptoms during childhood, many others feel fine until later in life
-Many people never show any symptoms at all

May is Celiac Awareness Month 2015This one is staggering: 83% of people with Celiac Disease are never diagnosed, or are misdiagnosed with other conditions!

And this is an important fact:  If you are sensitive to gluten (many people tell me that they feel better not eating it, hint, hint), did you know that this is a state of genetics? 

Even if you don’t have Celiac Disease currently, being sensitive to gluten (i.e. having any kind of reaction from eating it, whether digestive-related, a skin issue, brain fog, or even flatulence) is a sign that your body doesn’t like it.  This state of genetics can be further influenced, either positively or negatively, by environmental factors, stress, and foods.  Reducing stress and avoiding the foods your body rejects are among the easiest forms of reducing the risk factors associated with disease and auto-immune conditions.

Even if you were tested for Celiac Disease, did you know that the tests (blood test and bowel biopsy) are not always accurate?  (Read more about that in my post Testing for Celiac Disease).  And, there is not currently a test for gluten sensitivity (but you can take a free quiz here to assess your symptoms).  If you feel differently when eating any food, I encourage you to keep a food journal and track how different foods affect you (including moods, depression, sleeping habits, etc.)  

If you have ANY symptom from eating gluten (and there are hundreds, if not thousands), that means your body is fighting hard to let you know that it doesn’t want it around.  Continuing to eat gluten can take what most term as “mild” gluten sensitivity right to full-blown Celiac Disease…or into a host of other autoimmune conditions.

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-Jen of The GGF Gourmet

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