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Gourmet Foods

Grain-free Paleo productsAll items listed in the online store are produced in a dedicated gluten free, grain free and soy free facility. Every item listed is gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, and dairy-free, and Paleo.

  • No corn, rice, quinoa, teff, sorghum, millet, artificial dyes/colors, fillers, flavorings, vanilla, extracts, dairy, soy, soy lecithin, whey, or preservatives are used in any of our products.
  • Other items and custom orders (including special occasion cakes) are available upon request; please e-mail  We ship nationwide!

Keto, Low-Carb, Vegan, or can’t have nuts?

  • Keto-friendly items: Sandwich bread, rosemary bread (breads are net 1 carb/slice), coconut chips (net 4 carbs per bag), Paleoatmeal (net 2 carbs/ounce); seasonings (except Italian); pizza crust (net 1 carb per oz) available locally
  • Low carb items: In addition to items listed above, bliss bites and crunchy nut snack mix are low carb options
  • Vegan: Our vegan items include our cashew chocolate chip cookies, bliss bites, coconut chips, dark chocolate bars, crunchy nut mix, Paleoatmeal, Buckeyes, Communion wafers, and the stuffing mix can be made vegan (directions included). Other items (including cakes, shortbread & cupcakes) available upon reques
  • Items made without nuts: Whoopie pies, seasonings, breads, stuffing mix, Communion wafers; coconut chips & pumpkin roll are made without nuts but some contain coconut (also available by direct order: chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, cupcakes, brownies, donuts)

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Jen started The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet because she knows how difficult it can be to find foods that are gluten free or Paleo and still taste great.  By being selective with recipes and constantly experimenting, she doesn’t settle for “it tastes okay.”  She has developed a line of gourmet foods that are delicious for everyone to enjoy!

Some items can be shipped, while others (i.e. chocolate, pizza crusts) are only available for pickup or delivery at a local market (to keep them fresh or from melting).  For items not listed in the online store, or if you have a special request, contact us.

Gluten FreeNeed help with a special day or event?  We have treat trays and multiple options to choose from to celebrate any occasion.  Every item is gluten, grain, and soy free, and we have plenty of options that are dairy-free and free of refined sugar.