Potential Vaccine for Celiac Disease

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New-VaccineA Vaccine for Celiac Disease? 
Did you know there’s a vaccine being tested for those with Celiac Disease called “ImmusanT?”  

Previously, I’ve dismissed most vaccines or other concepts after reading up on them, because the body must heal the intestinal tract before symptoms can be alleviated and for the disease to be in remission.  

Many of the other concepts I’ve read about either claimed they can “block” the gluten from being absorbed, or lay out other claims that didn’t seem sound.

This particular vaccine is said to be entering phase II of clinical trials (see the article here), and works by re-programming the body’s T-cells to fight the inflammatory response.  I found that intriguing, but the article doesn’t list all of the exact details (such as which genetic marker it works with to re-program the T-cells).  I reached out to my blogging partner at Stuffed-Pepper (Heather), who always takes a very scientific and in-depth approach in her research, and we are excited to report that she will be interviewing Dr. Alessio Fasano on this topic January 23rd!  

We would love to ask the doctor what YOU want to know!  Do you have any questions you’d like to submit for the interview? (I know I’ve got a few!!!)

Comment below and I’ll submit them to her!

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