Paleo Conference 2014 Quick Recap

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Paleo Gluten Free

Paleo f(X) 2014

Paleo f(X) Conference 2014

Wow, just WOW!  I am overwhelmed with SO many great things from my trip to Paleo f(X) 2014!  I hopped on a plane at the last minute to Austin, Texas, and I am SO glad that I did!

Everything that I’ve been sharing over the last year has been about a grain free, soy free life, due to my personal journey to good health (read more on that here).  My tendency has been to hang out in the “gluten free” world, because I’m not strictly Paleo.

However, what I found out at this conference is that I follow many of the same guidelines by which the Paelo style of living abides (Paleo is considered ancestral eating, or a lifestyle free of gluten, grain, soy, dairy, sugar, and legumes).  

During my journey over the last year, at times it has been challenging to share the knowledge I’ve gained (from my own story and subsequent certification), because it’s still considered “alternative” to what the rest of the world around us presents as “normal.”  

At other times, it has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to witness firsthand as a client or a support group member suddenly feels better, younger, healthier, or even has beaten a major illness…just by teaching them the truth about food, and coaching them to take the steps to  make the dietary changes that drive positive results.

To sum up my experience, the conference itself was extremely positive.  As I said in conversation with several people, including Robb Wolf, for every “no” I’ve heard in the last year, I heard a “yes” with this group of like-minded people!  

Here’s why:

Presentations and Expert Panel Discussions 

Paleo Gluten Free

Robb Wolf Think Tank

I attended multiple presentations and panel discussions that further validated many positive aspects of a grain free life.   Included were experts from the functional medicine, medical, chiropractic and nutritional fields, as well as from integrative nutrition.

There were so many great presentations and demonstrations, and they were geared toward various levels from beginner to expert.  The topics ranged from “Using Ketogenics to treat Diabetes” to “Navigating a non-Paleo Doctor.”  

In this photo, Robb Wolf is joined by other experts to openly discuss ideas for expansion in a “think tank” format.


Paleo Products

Paleo Gluten Free

There was a fabulous array of Paleo products to enjoy and sample!  I was impressed at how some of the companies are just getting started, while others are fairly well established. 

Having my own grain-free, soy-free bakery, I can appreciate the time, thought, and effort that each company invested to be there – some with products for sale or shipment, plus plenty of samples for sharing.  

I’m now equipped to share the latest and greatest from these companies, and help direct you to take advantage of their tasty snacks, pure skin care products, and supplements.  Pictured here is a very tasty grain free, soy free, sugar free granola, hurray!  (


Paleo Gluten Free

Paleo f(X)

From participating in a blogger networking group to meeting the owners of various companies, I distributed all of my business cards!  

The positive synergy created from meeting so many like-minded people was evident across the convention center.  People were smiling, open, having fun, tasting foods they could eat, and feeling great!  

In this photo, I met Chef Nancy, who is the owner of a farm.  Their mission is to teach others through immersion on-farm learning, and by  “Raising Food Fit to Eat” (at


Paleo Gluten Free


And then, there were the restaurants.  From barbecue to burgers to vegetarian, Austin has an impressive list of restaurants that are not only Paleo and gluten free-friendly, they offer a tasty array of foods with lots of options in case you “can’t have the side of rice.”  My vote is for that idea to spread!  

For the first time in a long while, I ate out with ease!  It was a nice change of pace to have some options for eating out and to be able to trust well-trained staff in the matters of cross-contamination.  

There is truly so much to share!  This little re-cap barely scratches the surface of what I’ve brought home with me.  

Check back frequently on the blog for product and restaurant reviews, presentation notes, recipes, and more information to enhance YOUR grain free life.  

What topic would you like to hear about?

~GGF Gourmet

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  1. Chryl says:

    Appreciated getting a glimpse into your weekend in Austin, TX. I can’t say I’m interested in you focusing in on one topic as I am interested in it all. I did jot down the websites you mentioned in your blog so I can refer to it.

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