Olives to Go – Gluten Free Snack Option

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Olives to go

I was pretty excited to find these lovely packages of olives to go.  Let’s face it – there aren’t many packaged products I recommend, so adding one to the “approved” list is pretty exciting!

  • Bonus #1: Since this is a new product, I found an introductory coupon for them.
  • Bonus #2:  They were on sale for $2.49. The coupon was for 50 cents off, which was doubled at the checkout – final cost:  $1.49 for four servings.
  • Bonus #3:  I am thrilled with the labeling, which cites NO GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

olives to go no gmo





olives to go ingredient label 


Woo hoo!  Each pack contains 1.2 ounces, or about nine-ten medium sized black olives.  I was curious how the olives would stay fresh without the typical “brine” that they are normally in when canned, but apparently the ferrous lactate (made up chemically of one atom of iron and two lactate anions) maintains the color and acidity of the olives.

The olives themselves seemed slightly saltier than the ones I normally purchase in a can, but otherwise tasted just fine.  Apart from the cost (just buying regular canned olives and splitting them would be much cheaper), I give these the official GGF-approved thumbs up!  (As with anything, always excercise reasonable moderation.)

Great for packed lunches or a snack on the run! Enjoy!

Olives to go single pack

~GGF Gourmet

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