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Ace victory bell towerWhy am I posting a picture of this Blue Ace?

Inside the “Blue Ace,” (my Alma Mater’s school mascot) is where the school’s victory bell is housed. Underneath the bell is a plaque (see below).

Memorial plaque in GranvilleThe plaque contains a special dedication inscription to my dad, who died twenty years ago (October 1st). As a former coach, my dad absolutely loved the game of football, and was heavily involved in and supportive of the school athletics program.

When I think about how young he died (56) and all that I have missed sharing with him (he died just ten days before my first child was born), I’m inspired to carry forward my mission. He left a vacuum in my own life, but also in the lives of many others: family, friends,and the community.

Dad's formal picYou see, I am convinced that my dad had undiagnosed Celiac Disease, which opened the gateway to the things that ultimately killed him: diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.  

In my late 30’s, I faced the same health conditions. I was headed in the same direction! Fortunately, I was given the gift of restored health and a new life by changing to a grain free and soy free dietary lifestyle. We have now learned that making these dietary changes not only can stop disease in its tracks, but actually can prevent disease from even forming!

My hope and prayer is that you can also have a healthier life and prevent disease…just by making some simple dietary changes.

If you are thinking about trying a gluten free lifestyle to improve a health situation or prevent disease, please don’t wait another day!

If it seems to be too overwhelming to try on your own, please contact me. As a certified coach, I can help you navigate the scary stuff, and make it simpler for you. This is my mission and my passion.

Dad, I’m ringing the victory bell in your honor today.
Football field with ace and goal post

-Jen of the GGF Gourmet

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