Hurricane Relief for Celiac & Food Allergies

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My heart is so heavy for those suffering through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and now for those facing Hurricane Irma as it makes its way toward Florida.

Those forced into shelters with no belongings may encounter difficulties in eating grain free (or avoiding food allergens) if they need to.

While some people may think that eating this way is a choice, it definitely isn’t for me, nor for countless others. I would struggle in this type of situation; I suffer adverse physical effects if I eat grains or soy (and a crumb of gluten truly has lasting impact on my health). I’ve found out that the Red Cross offers a few gluten-free options, but I wouldn’t be able to eat them due to the ingredients.

How to Help

The good news is that there is a task force working on this very issue! They have become the hub for where to send product and cash donations, specifically targeted for those suffering with food allergies & Celiac Disease. Even better, 100% of the funds donated go directly to supply gluten-free foods to those who need them. If you’d like to consider making a donation, please find the details on the NCA website at this page:

Preparation is Key!

If nothing else, this is a reminder to me personally to be better prepared for emergencies. I like to have some emergency foods prepared and stocked, but it requires some planning and preparation. The good part about preparing this way is that if I don’t use the foods within a year, I just eat them and then make new. Setting aside a day to work on this each fall brings me peace of mind. I include dried fruits and veggies, herbs, and I make my own beef jerky with this recipe I posted on Stuffed Pepper’s website:

What steps do you take to handle your dietary lifestyle in an emergency?

-Jen of the GGF Gourmet

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Lisa C says:

    Hi I’m in south Florida, just went through irma. On right budget, is there gluten free food coming?

    • GGF Gourmet says:

      Hi Lisa, so sorry for what you’ve been going through! Are you in a shelter? What is the best way to get resources to you and others in need of gluten-free foods?

      • Lisa C says:

        I am not in a shelter but there are communities without power and running water.

        I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I have running water and a generator for basic essentials.

        I wonder if there is a local food bank for those with dietary restrictions. I do not know this information. My cell service has been in and out.

        Regained internet today, and would like to coordinate efforts to help celiac community.

        • GGF Gourmet says:

          Hello Lisa, I’m not sure why I didn’t see your comment before now, my apologies! Are things getting any better where you are? Have you found out anything foods for those with dietary restrictions?
          Let me know your current status and we’ll go from there. Again, so sorry for all you are experiencing!

  2. Lisa C says:

    My power is out. The generator is powering a fan. Temperatures are over in the 90 degrees Food is on ice. Many things have spoiled but I can go to feeding America this week.

    The extra expenses have caused quite a financial burden. I found another link (feeding America) and will contact them tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have power by then.

    I feel so proud of our gluten free community. Happy that we are not forgotten during such a difficult time.

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