Addressing Covid-19 or Flu Symptoms Naturally

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NOTE: I am not a medical doctor. Do not take this as medical advice. I am sharing my own personal experience in how I chose to treat my condition with input from my naturopathic doctor, while also applying my standards of grain/soy-free ingredients that support my dietary lifestyle.

The article below was based on my own personal experience with Covid-19 in February of 2020 and then again in January of 2021. I began having symptoms while finishing a trip out of state; the rest of the story is published below.

Got the bug?

Prevention is the best medicine, of course! These steps are truly important at all times, but with the heightened awareness of Covid-19, also known as the Corona virus, it’s even more imperative to practice attentive hygiene: wash hands frequently and for long enough, avoid touching your face, get adequate rest, and do what you can to boost your immunity (this may mean taking extra vitamins, increasing your hydration, eating more veggies & fruits, etc.

UPDATE, December 2020:

In addition to the steps outlined in the article below, a few things have become very apparent:

  1. The virus can rapidly dehydrate your system: It’s always important to stay hydrated, especially during an illness. However, I’ve heard several reports of Covid-19 rapidly and severely dehydrating one’s system. It would be ideal to keep some Smart Water on hand to quickly replace electrolytes, as well multiple sources of fluids in the forms of filtered water, clear liquid soups/broth, home-made popsicles (see my recipe here), or any clear liquid that is not carbonated. 
  2. The virus depletes essential nutrients: See the options below for some essential vitamins and minerals to keep on hand.
  3. It is vital to keep your lungs clear: Two things that really helped me get through the deep coughing and congestion were to a) gargle with warm salt water every couple of hours or as needed, and to b) make steam mugs (heat water in a mug and add a few drops of essential oils [such as peppermint, tea tree, oregano, thieves/on guard, lemon, thyme, etc.]). Then cup your nose and mouth over the mug and gently inhale; utilize them every couple of hours to loosen phlegm and congestion. REMOVE ALL DAIRY FROM YOUR DIET. Sleeping on your stomach, although uncomfortable, is very helpful to keep phlegm from settling in your lungs. It is imperative to do your best to keep your lungs clear.

My Story (March, 2020)

Unfortunately, the worst happened to me just before the start of the pandemic: I was traveling in California, returning to the San Francisco area to catch my flight, when a dry cough began to take hold.

Being that there were thousands of fruit trees blooming on the drive from northern Cali, I wrongly assumed that my immune system was just over-reacting to the heavy dose of pollen flying around.

Six hours later, I found myself wheezing, now with body aches and fluid in my ears, and possibly a fever. I was without all of my typical “wellness tools;” spices to make our wellness tea, essential oils, a diffuser, and other comforts of home.

After flying home, my luggage had not arrived yet, so I stayed at my son’s house for the night. He offered me water, tissues, and this bottle of Nyquil, saying, “This will knock you out.” (Bless his heart!)

However, the days of taking over the counter meds are long gone for me, since I began avoiding grains and soy. After looking at the ingredients, I just couldn’t! I was concerned it would make me sicker. Why? This bottle contains:

  • Citric acid (usually derived from corn)
  • Artificial colors
  • Saccharin (!!! That poison still exists?!)
  • Flavor (from what?)
  • Xanthan gum (usually corn-derived)

Once I arrived home, a friend picked up some homeopathic remedies for me, so I layered those in, began drinking a lot of extra water, and I did a LOT of sleeping! (FYI: I did contact my doctor; she recommended extra fluids, rest, and in case of breathing issues, to visit the ER – NOT the doctor’s office, where I would likely spread it further through exposure).

It was rough getting through it; the flu is no joke. Below is how I managed my symptoms.

•First several days:
I have been letting the fever run its course. It’s the best way to kill off any virus, provided the fever doesn’t get too high. Unfortunately, that means feeling aches and pains that feel like my old days of fibromyalgia. I realized mid-day that the pain could also be from dehydration, so I drank a ton more water and the pain eased up quite a bit. We are so quick to not want to feel pain that our automatic reaction is to “take something.” I encourage you to listen to your body through the pain. What does it really need? (FYI, I’m not suggesting suffering! I’m just glad water was my answer and not a pill).

I’m thanking God for friends and family who have checked in, brought food, supplements, dragged in my suitcases still in the garage, and for prayer warriors! If I could suggest having this lined up ahead of time – your personal network of emergency helpers.

So far, I’ve been using:
•Oscillococcinum, 3x/day (FYI: contains lactose)
•Elderberry syrup, 3x/day
•Our wellness tea recipe 
•Vitamin C that is NOT ascorbic acid! I finally found this one pictured – use this link and code PVFRIEND15 for 15% off! You can also consume oranges for vitamin C & rosehips (but FYI, all other Vit C sources contain ascorbic acid which is from…CORN)
•Bone broth soup
•Liquid zinc
•Mentholatum on my feet & chest
•Healing prayers – both over myself and from prayer-warrior friends
•Lots of sleep and allowing my body to just rest
•I added sweet oil mixed with oil of oregano as ear drops, since my ears had a lot of pressure (that generally clears them)

For my second bout with Covid (January 2021), I added in a heavy dose of Vitamins A and D the first several days.

Through our Facebook page followers, it was also suggested to use colloidal silver. I have not tried it yet, but plan to purchase some to have on hand as a further treatment option.

I also found these amazing soups that are free of gluten, grains, soy, dairy, etc. Some are even AIP-friendly (auto-immune protocol). I’m so excited to find food I can purchase and keep in case of emergency! Click here to purchase your own stash! [affiliate link]

What other natural ways do you address the flu? 

-Jen of The GGF Gourmet

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