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1.  Contact us for a FREE consultation!

Are you wondering if grains are holding you back from an optimally healthy life?  We’ll provide a free consultation to help you find out! Contact us today and get started on your wellness journey.

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2. Personal goalsGet Support!

To be successful in the transition to a true gluten and grain free lifestyle, you will need support for the journey.  Whether Paleo, Keto, or AIP, avoid spending precious time surfing the internet and finding contradicting information.  Avoid recipe disasters that can affect your health negatively!  Personal coaching takes away the mystery of it all, providing the tools, information, and support you need to succeed. Transition your kitchen, your home, your grocery shopping and cooking habits. Coaching can occur in person or via Skype. Click here to submit a request for personal coaching.

Grain Free Support Group

3.  Hold a class and form a support group!

Are you already living the GGF lifestyle, but could use some new ideas or some partnership?  Jen of the GGF Gourmet travels nationally for speaking engagements, classes, and offers materials to form your own support group. She also coaches online via Skype.  Recipe and idea sharing, accountability, and partnership are just part of the regular agenda.  The GGF Gourmet posts regularly on the blog and the Facebook site.  Also follow them on Twitter or Instagram, or Linked In and join the conversation!

Interested in hosting a class to get started?   Contact us at to find out more!


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Packed lunches, dinner ready in the refrigerator, events with an allergy-friendly menu…that’s how the GGF Gourmet can consult with you to ensure your success.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation!

In need of some treats that you can trust (gluten, grain, soy and dairy free!) that are also 100% delicious?  Check out some choices here and shop online 24/7.