Grain Free Recipes For Your Superbowl Party

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You’ve been invited to a Superbowl party, or are hosting one.

And… You’ve been strict with your grain-free dietary lifestyle, and it’s WORKING! (congratulations!!) But oh, those parties with friends, relatives, and… FOOD! The foods are on the table, the drinks are mixed, the wine is poured. Temptation is all around!

BUT, you know how you feel after eating just one corn chip.

And you already know how your body has reacted after caving on Aunt Linda’s home-made pie or Ricky’s amazing pizza. It’s just not worth it, right? (FYI, even if you feel like you can “survive” the symptoms, just a crumb of the wrong foods could be igniting the antibodies you’ve worked so hard to reverse… setting you back for weeks, or even months!)

So… just WHAT is a person to do in mixed-food social situations?
Below are some tips on how to enjoy the gathering and still stay safe on your dietary plan.

Grain Free Eating Tips – Social Situations

  • Notify your host:  Give them a heads up that you may not be eating the food at the party. He or she may try to accommodate your needs. If you aren’t comfortable with that, now’s the time to let them know. Ask them if they are okay with you bringing something on your own (I usually explain that it’s just easier for both of us!) Added bonus: Make something to share so that others can try what you’re eating; it’s a great opportunity to discuss the health benefits of a grain-free lifestyle!
  • Pack & Prepare:  Think about how long you will be at the party, and what types of foods will be satisfying so you’re not tempted to fill in with other things from the table. You may also want to avoid things that are more difficult to eat (i.e. chopped salads that might get caught in your teeth!)
  • Grilling out?  Avoid cross-contamination from marinades, meat fillers and breading left behind on the grill (yes, just this exposure can disrupt your health!) by having the host grill your items in foil or in a safe skillet (or bring it prepared for them to grill).  
  • Avoid the alcohol Beers and liquors are grain-based; even gluten-free ones. Wines often contain unidentified “natural flavors,” and some wine-makers dust the barrels with flour (sorry folks!) If you want to indulge, consider mixing pure top-shelf tequila (comes from agave) with plain seltzer water and fresh-squeezed lime. 
  • Recipe Roundup  Try the fan-tested recipes & ideas (linked below) for easy & delicious party foods. They won’t even know they’re gluten, grain, & soy free!
  • Products  Let us do the work for you!  Pick up some delicious treats, pizza crusts, or seasonings at our farmer’s markets in New Albany, Ohio or place an online order for pick-up or shipping. Did you know we also make whole cakes, treat trays, foods and other specialty items by request?

Grain Free Dairy Free Paleo Cheese Ball

Delicious “cheese” ball

Grain Free Appetizer Recipes

(all links to recipes are on our own website)

Dairy-Free Cheeseball:

5-star Guacamole

Cherry Tomato Salad
Pectin Free Raspberry Jam
(great as a hostess gift!)

Sweet Potato Crunchers

Stuffed Mushrooms

Cinnamon Apple Stix

Sweet pickles

Refreshing Beverage

Do you have other ideas, recipes, or tips to share? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below!
-Jen of The GGF Gourmet

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