Grain Free Paleo Pancakes

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Packed with protein, delicious, and devoured in one sitting by my 19 year old college son who doesn’t eat anything gluten free unless there are no other choices!


Breakfast is calling! As a reminder, all of my recipes must be simple, delicious, use ingredients I already have or can obtain easily (we don’t have a Whole Foods available in close proximity), be normal enough to gain approval from non-Gluten Free teenagers, and be achievable without fancy equipment (for example, currently the blades to the blender have mysteriously disappeared, and I was just plain tired of using the mixer after long days of baking!) Additionally, all of the recipes I use must also be successful under the “loosely measured” rule, in case the measuring spoons are once again caught in the overstuffed gadget drawer. I have seen various renditions of these pancakes and tried them on several occasions…after burning the previous variety, I think these might be the winner!


2 eggs
Handful of raw cashews, finely chopped (ground would be better, but I used my hand chopper to get them as tiny as possible)
1 banana (the more ripe, the better)
¼ cup GGF Gourmet applesauce (apples, cinnamon, honey [optional])
Tiny bit of butter in the pan (replace with olive oil or Ghee for zero dairy)



These might have been better with the use of the blender, or at least the hand mixer.  I was being very lazy with the kitchen tools; feel free to step up the effort for an even better pancake!

First, I placed everything into a large cereal bowl:

Pancake batter

After mashing the banana with a fork, I mixed everything with a whisk.

I turned my burner to medium low, or about level 4, and placed a tiny bit of butter in the pan to coat it.  The batter was fairly runny, so I added it to the pan with a large spoon until they were just larger than a silver dollar size (if I get ambitious and make them larger, they tend to fall apart when it’s time to flip).  I do admit to hovering over the pan to avoid burning them, which I highly recommend!  After just a few minutes, the edges were bubbling and I flipped them.  They looked like this!

Pancakes cooking

I won’t lie – I was immediately excited to see this!  All of the other versions have burned or been obviously not “enough” like pancakes at this point.  Looking good!

I got so excited that I grabbed a few blueberries from the freezer and added them to the last few pancakes.  You could really add any fruit of your choice, either as a topping or during the cooking process.  I personally thought that the plain ones tasted the best.

Here they are!  Meet the new GGF approved pancakes.  A nice set of eight pancakes in all. Packed with protein, delicious, and devoured in one sitting by my 19 year old college son who doesn’t eat anything gluten free unless there are no other choices!


~Jen of The GGF Gourmet

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  1. These look great. Do you think you could use cashew butter instead of ground cashews? Or does it need to be more of a flour-like consistency?

  2. Thanks, Heather! If I don’t have raw cashews available, I actually substitute with 1/4 cup tapioca starch. I’ve never tried it with cashew butter – that might work, although the density may affect the outcome. If you try that, let us know!

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