Back to School! Gluten Free Lunch, Day One

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My daughter has been in the process of going gluten free.  As hard as the transition is for adults, it’s an especially tall order for a teenager!

Just like with my clients, the key is preparation, preparation, preparation.  I asked her to think about all of her activities each day of the week, and then we planned our menu to make sure she was supported in those “weak” times – (for example, team snacks after school, meals before a big game, lunch buddy’s with their junk food, and during study hall downtime).

For her first day back to school, here is a quick snapshot of her lunch and snacks:

Back to school cheeseburger lunch 8.19.13

We planned a cheeseburger and a side salad for lunch, with fruit salad and potatoes on the side.  Yogurt rounds it out for a sweet ending to the meal (or she can take it with her to study hall in the afternoon).  For the next snack stop, she has mixed nuts and a fruit strip snack for some protein and an energy kick before volleyball practice.

Below are the individual pictures (close up).  Check back for more ideas for meals on the go!

Fresh side salad


Fresh side salad, including my own garden’s cherry tomatoes!

Rosemary potatoes

Rosemary & basil oven crisped potatoes fruit salad

Kiwi & strawberry fresh fruit salad

The yogurt is Stonyfield’s blended raspberry and the fruit strips are the Fit & Active brand from Aldi.  The mixed nuts are raw and I added a little salt to them for some flavor (I included walnuts, pecans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds).

What do you pack in your teenager’s lunch?



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