The Brown & Blond Bakery – Brownie & Blondie Mixes!

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I am excited to share these awesome baking mixes from The Blond & Brown Bakery!

Dark chocolate brownie mix package Blondie mix package

I met with the owner, Kathy, and we had a delightful conversation about how difficult it is to find TRUE gluten free (grain free) and soy free products on the market.  She has spent much time developing these mixes to be just right.  The mixes are made in her home, in a room dedicated to hand mixing each batch (12 at a time!).  In this particular post, I’m reviewing the brownie and blondie mixes.  

The Brownies

The love and care she gives her mixes are evident in the results!  Check out the brownie photos, start to finish:

I followed the very clear instructions on the package for the regular version:

Brownie mix package instructions

The mix looked just like the old Betty Crocker I used to know and love!

 Brownie mix in bowl Brownie mix ready to spread Brownie mix in baking dish brownie mix baked

Ta da!  Houston, we have a brownie!  It looks, feels, and tastes like a REAL brownie!

Delicious brownie

The Blondies

And now for the Blondies…I followed the instructions, but added Enjoy Life chocolate chips to half of them for a cookie bar effect:

Blondie mix in pan Blondie mix baked Blondie choc chip bar Delicious!  My kitchen smelled so good!  I loved the texture and the taste.  My personal preference is for the blondies, only because I’m not a huge fan of chocolate overall.  My non-GF son loved both of them…his words were, “Mom, I can’t even tell the difference!”.  They were all gone in an instant!


~GGF Gourmet


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