Gluten Free Product Review Comparison – Fruit Strips

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I’m always looking for snacks on the go. One of our favorites to grab are the fruit strips from Aldi.

Although they contain natural flavors, I seem to digest them without issue. While out shopping, I found a new kind marked “organic”, so I had to try it (although they still contain natural flavors, albeit marked “organic natural flavors”, which does confirm that nothing is GMO in them).

Strawberry Fruit Strip - Aldi vs Whole Foods


Fruit Strip ingredients

I did a side by side and taste comparison. Both were strawberry, both had similar ingredients, but cost, texture, and taste were vastly different. Surprisingly, the non-organic Aldi product was sweeter, tastier, and I liked the texture much better!  The price was much friendlier, as well.  The box of 8 strips priced out under $3.00 at Aldi, but the organic ones from Whole Foods individually were priced at $.89 each.

Fruit Strip naked comp

Have you tried the Aldi strips or another type that you love?  Let me know what you think!

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