Gluten Free Philly Cheesesteak On the Go!

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Philly steak and cheese, please! (well, with a red twist, anyway!  And Paleo peeps, see the option on this noted below).

Every week as my daughter and I menu plan, we review what worked well and what didn’t for packed lunches. Part of the feedback I receive is due in part to a group of students she sits with at lunch.  Some laugh at her gluten free life, some are quietly interested, and still others insist on trying her meals for themselves.

Well…this one was apparently a HUGE winner last week…so good that my daughter lost most of it to someone at her table after they had the chance to try it (and then that person ate it all!).  I had to laugh, because I wasn’t quite sure when I packed it how good it would be.  I made the same dish for myself though, as I try to do, to experience exactly what she does so we can fine tune things together.  I was rather impressed with it!  I am guessing that since I made it the night before, the flavor of the red pepper just marinated into the beef strips, and it was A-MAZING!  She doesn’t like mushrooms, so I left them out of hers and took them all for myself.  I was so glad I did (YUM…all to myself!)!

Super simple and delicious!  After sauteeing the mushrooms and a tiny bit of red onion in some olive oil, I added some red pepper strips with salt and pepper.  After a bit I added the skillet steak strips, which I often find marked down in the meat section, and sauteed everything together.  I made my daughter’s first without the mushrooms, since it’s hard to remove them and their flavor, once you’ve sauteed everything together.  After I placed it in an airtight container, I topped it all with a slice of muenster cheese (only because I was freshly out of provolone), and let it sit overnight to be packed up for lunch in the morning.  Add any herbs that you’d like, but in this case I just used salt and pepper.

This dish is also perfectly Paleo if you leave out the cheese.

 Philly Cheesesteak with redpepper and muenster cheese

Not so pretty, but delicious, fast, and easy!

Philly Cheesesteak with redpepper complete meal

~GGF Gourmet

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