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Mmmmmmm…those mornings when you start the day with a delicious, hot breakfast…a bowl of oatmeal, piled high, topped with warm milk, and all decked out with maple and brown sugar…

Yum.  Those were the days…right?!  

Suffice it to say, it’s been years since I experienced anything close to that!  My gluten free lifestyle has demanded that I steer clear of the stuff.  

As a certified gluten free coach, oatmeal is one of those things that I get asked about a lot…many of my clients and friends say they just couldn’t give it up!

Personally, my “normal” mornings start with eggs and fruit, or Greek yogurt with fruit, both of which I highly recommend for healthy omega balances.  However, every now and then it’s okay to fuel our bodies with something a little different, as long as it still meets the criteria of being free of grain, gluten, and soy (and for many, dairy and refined sugar, as in the Paleo lifestyle).  

(If you are new to my site, and are wondering why I wouldn’t just use “gluten free” oats, it’s because I personally don’t believe that “gluten free” oats are safe for Celiacs, those with gluten sensitivity, or those that have autoimmune conditions.  You can read more about that here on Dr. Osborne’s site (just type “oats” in the search bar); or you can see more about my own personal story and others that I’ve coached here.)

So, let’s move on to “Paleoatmeal.”Ingredients

Hmmmm.  Well, it may or may not have a ring to it…but I’m pretty excited about it anyway!

I was inspired to try this based on a recipe I saw on The Paleo Mom’s Facebook site.  I tweaked it just a bit and this will now be a staple in our kitchen!  Again, I don’t recommend it as an every morning breakfast, but it has a wonderful texture and taste that could easily be incorporated to a weekly or bi-weekly plan.  

Since we now produce this item in our line of grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free products, we invite you to try it by purchasing it through our webstore (click here)! We’ve done all the work for you. 🙂

Here you go, a wonderful bowl of hot breakfast!

What extras will you put in your Paleoatmeal?  Enjoy and let us know!

~GGF Gourmet

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