Gluten Free and Soy Free Chocolate Options!

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Wow, I’m overwhelmed.

You see, I’ve never been one of those “chocaholic” people.  You know the type.  “I had a bad day, I need chocolate,” or “I have PMS, DMS, and AMS…I need chocolate,” or the classic, “Anything tastes better if you just add a little chocolate!”

I’m by FAR in the minority, according to my Facebook page.

So, when I was told I had to go soy free, chocolate was not one of my big losses.  I didn’t really miss it THAT much, but an occasional chocolate this or that would be okay (I guess).  Well, now that I have a GGF [gluten and grain free for you newbies] and SF [soy free] daughter living in the house, chocolate has become a MUCH bigger issue.

I don’t want to digress, but I must mention here that I find the soy issue just as annoying as the gluten issue with our foods.  The more I read, the more I hear…why do we need to put soy (and gluten) in every package of everything?  The more I cook and bake and make and research, the more I know that both are absolutely not necessary!  It doesn’t enhance the taste, once your taste buds adjust to the glorious joy of whole foods.  Although gluten is a thickener, there are other things that can be used to accomplish the same thing.  Since this is a joyful post for the gluten free soy free chocolate lovers…I’ll save my thoughts on this for another day.

Moving on to choices in GF SF chocolate!

First, we had my GGF chocolate chip muffins.  She loved them, but we ran out of coconut flour, which led me to develop the GGF Gourmet peanut butter and chocolate cookies.  She can’t get enough of them, and I have to pretty much keep the chocolate chips under lock and key.  Then, I started experimenting with other items, all of which she loved and I didn’t.  She absolutely enjoyed the chocolate brownies [see post], and I absolutely enjoyed the blondies!

So, since this chocolate crisis came to my attention through my daughter’s needs and was then also revealed in our support group, I’d say she has had a pretty good week so far.  I surprised her first with chocolate milk for dinner one night.  Then, I woke her up on a chilly morning with matching mugs of hot chocolate…the frothy, creamy, dreamy kind that is just perfect for scoring points with a teenager (maybe not the waking up part, but still).  See how to make the perfect mug of hot cocoa here.

To her surprise and delight, last night she was the recipient of…(drum roll, please!)

Chocolate ice cream!

I didn’t even have to make it myself this time.  Häagen-Dazs makes a GGF approved version!  Really and truly!  I was shocked!!!  And so happy to purchase the little tiny bite sized container for $1.50!!!  Below I have pictured the little container, the ingredients, and even the little spoon that’s included in the lid.  Oh, and her very, very happy hands. 🙂

IMG_2972 IMG_2973IMG_2975IMG_2976

I can’t solve the world’s chocolate problems, and I can’t solve the world’s problems with chocolate…but perhaps these items will help YOU and YOUR world, one piece of GF SF chocolate at a time.

~GGF Gourmet

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