Giant Eagle Bacon – Free of added nitrates and nitrites

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Sometimes, something comes to my attention about negative effects of a particular food or product. That always prompts me to investigate and understand the issue, and investigate the products.  In this particular case, we are talking about bacon.

I’ve been eating bacon on an occasional basis, and I am always diligent in checking the label to make sure it doesn’t contain added flavorings or MSG.  Many of them do, so if you aren’t already checking those labels, be sure to stay away from “added smoke flavor” or other questionable sources.  The concern that came to my attention had to do with nitrites and nitrates.  Besides a lot of “scary information” about nitrites and nitrates being linked to cancer and negative effects, I did some reading about them on Chris Kresser’s site.  I’m not convinced either way at this point, so I will continue to research that topic.

Have I mentioned how much I love our support group?  When discussing the use of bacon at one of our meetings, one of the participants mentioned finding a couple of brands at Giant Eagle (our local grocery store) that were free of nitrates and nitrites.  While searching for the brand she had mentioned, I was pleased to find that they now carry one under their own label! I purchased and made it to see how it tasted and performed.

 Giant Eagle bacon

I am most pleased about this bacon because it comes from vegetarian-fed pork, with no added hormones or artificial ingredients (BIG plus), or additional nitrates or nitrites (there are naturally occurring nitrates in the sea salt and celery powder). The taste was great, although the flavor was a little less “bacon-y.”  I realize that probably doesn’t help you much to understand the flavor…I’ve tried to think of another way of saying it, and that’s just all this bacon-lover can come up with.  It does have a quick expiration since it’s not as preserved, which actually makes me happy…but as with any food that isn’t filled with preservatives, you need to exercise care in storing and using it, and cleaning surfaces and utensils well after use.

The ingredients are as follows:  pork, water, turbinado sugar [raw sugar], sea salt, cultured celery juice.

Giant Eagle bacon label IIGiant Eagle bacon label


With a price of only $3.99, it was less than most of the bacon on the shelf!  I’ll consider that an added bonus, since it might have just been an introductory price.  The flavor was excellent, and it cooked up really well.  It is definitely worth the change, in case you are on the fence about the nitrates and nitrites.

Either way, it’s GGF Gourmet approved!  Enjoy your bacon!

~Jen of the GGF Gourmet

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  1. Sherry says:

    I wish they would leave the sugar out so my daughter could enjoy something different. Glad to see it is otherwise safe though – that’s a start!

  2. Hey very interesting blog!

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