Five Signs of Gluten Sensitivity (Video with Dr. Oz and Amy Myers, MD)

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These five signs of gluten sensitivity may surprise you!

Wow, I wish this information had been available a few years ago!  It might have saved me some very frustrating years, and a few thousand dollars in tests with several doctors.  If you don’t know my personal story, you can read it here – I had four out of five the symptoms listed below, and I thought I was going crazy when the doctors couldn’t explain any of it (especially the weight gain)!

Are you experiencing these five symptoms of gluten sensitivity?  

  1. Weight gain that persists despite dietary changes
  2. Bowel irregularity
  3. Joint pain (I didn’t have this until I went gluten free, again, see my story)
  4. Keratosis Pilaris – “Chicken Skin”
  5. Development of other food sensitivities

The five signs illustrated on video

Dr. Oz and Amy Myers, MD gave a great visual presentation and explanation of these symptoms on his show yesterday.  You can check out their brief video at this link.

If you have any of these symptoms, or others, take a free quiz at this link and get started on your journey to better health!  I’m wishing you complete wellness. 🙂

~Jen of the GGF Gourmet

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    Short yet so informative! I so learned a lot from this article! Thank you so much for posting!

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