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Recipes and tips for grain-free and/or Paleo breakfasts.

Grain Free Deviled Eggs Recipe (Paleo, Dairy Free)

Oh YUM!  Deviled eggs at a potluck! Oh DARN!  They’re made with mayonnaise, mustard, white vinegar, and table salt.  I definitely cannot eat those! (Why not?  Each of those ingredients may contain gluten, grains or grain derivatives, soy, dairy, and sugar… and may interrupt the progress of your dietary lifestyle. […]

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Paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin…pumpkin everywhere! It’s that time of year – leaves blowing around, hoodies abound, and Starbucks brings out the pumpkin spice latte.   Only the latter leaves me with the coldest chill. Why? Because of the ingredients that can…and do… negatively affect our health!   Unfortunately, Starbucks now excludes the ingredients from […]

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Low Carb Grain Free Zucchini Pie (Keto Friendly!)

I’ve been blessed abundantly this year with gifts of large zucchini.  I first started experimenting with this veggie last year, since I’ve been challenged overall with a lack of tastes for the squash family (but I’ve gotten SO much better!)  Here in Ohio, they can grow to mammoth proportion, and one plant can literally […]

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Gluten Free Paleo Hot Breakfast

Mmmmmmm…those mornings when you start the day with a delicious, hot breakfast…a bowl of oatmeal, piled high, topped with warm milk, and all decked out with maple and brown sugar… Yum.  Those were the days…right?!   Suffice it to say, it’s been years since I experienced anything close to that! […]

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Gluten Free Grain Free Soy Free Breakfast Idea

Breakfast is SO important.  THE most important meal of the day! And yet, we rush out the door to our job, school, appointment, gym…leaving our body hungering to wake up.  The word “breakfast” means just what it says – it “breaks your fast” from the night before.  Your metabolism doesn’t […]

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Grain Free Paleo Pancakes

Breakfast is calling!  As a reminder, all of my recipes must be as follows: Simple Delicious Use ingredients I already have or can obtain easily (we don’t have a Whole Foods available in close proximity) Be normal enough to gain approval from non-Gluten Free teenagers Achievable without fancy equipment (for […]

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