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Articles about living gluten & grain free, Celiac Disease, product reviews, and general information; also includes our recipes.

Gluten Free Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free!)

It’s been a busy experimental kitchen over here!! I feel like a squirrel getting ready for a long winter! Harvesting, cooking, canning, and filling every available space with nature’s bounty. Over the weekend, I was abundantly blessed with a gift of raspberries from a friend. I’ve been wanting some fruit […]

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National Celiac Awareness Day

If the image is blurry…click on it and help spread the word!

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Author of Wheat Belly speaks out

So, did you indulge in the hamburger bun over Labor Day weekend?  If you are wondering why it was a tough start to this short week, you might want to watch this 5 minute video from the cardiac physician and author of Wheat Belly…even if you aren’t gluten free! Do […]

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Gluten Free Product Review Comparison – Fruit Strips

I’m always looking for snacks on the go. One of our favorites to grab are the fruit strips from Aldi. Although they contain natural flavors, I seem to digest them without issue. While out shopping, I found a new kind marked “organic”, so I had to try it (although they […]

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Free Health & Vendor Fair, This Saturday!

Join The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet THIS Saturday at Lynd’s Fruit Farm in Pataskala, Ohio! There will be multiple wellness activities (including flu shots), free samples from vendors, recipes, and lots of fresh produce available!  I will be doing a live cooking demonstration with FREE samples that are gluten, […]

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Back to School! Gluten Free Lunch, Day One

My daughter has been in the process of going gluten free.  As hard as the transition is for adults, it’s an especially tall order for a teenager! Just like with my clients, the key is preparation, preparation, preparation.  I asked her to think about all of her activities each day […]

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Are McDonald’s French Fries Gluten Free?

If you came across this post and are just looking for a quick answer…it’s NO! They are NOT safe for Celiacs, gluten sensitives, gluten intolertant, gluten allergy, dairy intolerance, or soy intolerance!!!  Click here for the nutritional information on their website (click on the +Nutrition at the bottom of the […]

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Are these items gluten and grain free? Are they Paleo?

Marco Bellucci / Foter / CC BY I love when you ask questions.  It means you’re paying attention to what you are giving your body!  Keep ’em coming! Today’s questions arrived to me as a “small list of questions” from Tricia, who is on her journey to being grain free. I’m […]

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