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This category contains reviews of gluten free (also grain free and soy free) products and restaurants. A sub-category of Paleo products and restaurants is included.

Are McDonald’s French Fries Gluten Free?

If you came across this post and are just looking for a quick answer…it’s NO! They are NOT safe for Celiacs, gluten sensitives, gluten intolertant, gluten allergy, dairy intolerance, or soy intolerance!!! ¬†Click here for the nutritional information on their website (click on the +Nutrition at the bottom of the […]

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The Brown & Blond Bakery – Brownie & Blondie Mixes!

I am excited to share these awesome baking mixes from The Blond & Brown Bakery! I met with the owner, Kathy, and we had a delightful conversation about how difficult it is to find TRUE gluten free (grain free) and soy free products on the market. ¬†She has spent much […]

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