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Does this restaurant or eating establishment “get” my need to be truly gluten free? Do they have a gluten free menu? Do they speak my GF language?

Gluten Free Restaurant Choices for Valentine’s Day

  Help!  I want to take my date out for Valentine’s Day. Where should we go? Below are my top five picks (of options available nationally) for a safe, enjoyable gluten free meal out with your date.  It, um, might be a little late to get advanced seating, so when […]

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Eat Gluten Free at bd’s Mongolian Grill

In my quest to find places to safely eat out, I am happy to give this great report on bd’s Mongolian Grill!  Be sure to follow the steps below to ensure your safety while dining. It had been awhile since I had given them a try, so I decided to […]

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Is Chipotle gluten free?

Ahhhhh, just the thought of that delicious burrito bowl… Yes, I know you are salivating with me.  Those fresh ingredients, piled high with cheese and salsa…the smell of those meats simmering…a dollop of the world’s best guacamole on top… Hungry yet?  I thought so.  So am I! There is good […]

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Gluten Free Dinner Out at McCormick & Schmick’s

I have a short list of restaurants that I can usually count on for a true gluten free lunch or dinner out.  McCormick & Schmick’s is one of them! Although my inherent frugality always leads in my decision making, being gluten, grain, and soy free has forced me to sometimes […]

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Are McDonald’s French Fries Gluten Free?

If you came across this post and are just looking for a quick answer…it’s NO! They are NOT safe for Celiacs, gluten sensitives, gluten intolertant, gluten allergy, dairy intolerance, or soy intolerance!!!  Click here for the nutritional information on their website (click on the +Nutrition at the bottom of the […]

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