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Gluten-Free Deodorant: Review of Primal Pit Paste

When I first made the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle, my doctor handed me several lists of ingredients and products to avoid (and I was completely overwhelmed!)  At the time, I scoffed a bit, since I was sure that he was just a bit crazy.  I mean, gluten couldn’t possibly […]

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5 Grain Free Pasta Options

“Excuse me?  Did someone say gluten free, grain free, soy free PASTA??” I’m frequently asked how I’ve made such dramatic changes to my health (in addition to losing 72 pounds, I no longer have diabetes or an elevated A1C, high cholesterol, or evidence of inflammation present; you can read my full story here). […]

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The Three Powerful P’s of the Paleo f(X) 2014 Conference

I was busy taking a sabbatical (a.k.a. a working spring break vacation) when the text came through.  “Are you going to Paleo FX?” Several quick thoughts went through my mind.  Things like “no way, I can’t,” and “I’ll just be getting home from this trip, so no,” and “I’m not […]

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Five Reasons to Keep a Food Journal

It’s a busy day at the office.  Your schedule, packed with meetings and conference calls, overtakes the lunch hour.  Thankfully, someone ordered in sandwiches and salads at the last minute.  You return to your office between meetings, grab a gluten free cookie from your stash, a cup of coffee, and […]

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Is Diet Coke Gluten Free?

Stop the presses! If you are gluten sensitive and continue to drink Diet Coke, you will NOT get well. I’m sorry.  I know I’m not making any friends with this post.  Diet Coke is not my enemy…but it might be yours!  I want you to be well, and if Diet […]

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The Great Gluten Free Divide

Paleo Gluten Free

Lately, I've been wrestling with an issue.  This issue is what I'm going to term "The Great Gluten Free Divide." I find it fascinating and heartbreaking, all at once. Division among the troops?   When I talk with people about a gluten free lifestyle, it seems like there is a "great […]

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