Author of Wheat Belly speaks out

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So, did you indulge in the hamburger bun over Labor Day weekend? ┬áIf you are wondering why it was a tough start to this short week, you might want to watch this 5 minute video from the cardiac physician and author of Wheat Belly...even if you aren’t gluten free!

Do any of these circumstances apply to you or a loved one?
*RA (rheumatoid arthritis)
*Acid reflux
*High cholesterol
*High blood pressure
*Heart disease
*Cravings for baked goods or a feeling of always being hungry

If so, I urge you watch this short video (click here, courtesy of CBS This Morning) from Dr. William Davis that explains the correlation between wheat and all of these diseases. If you are CELIAC or GLUTEN SENSITIVE, wheat is only PART of the issue for you – to be ensured of 100% health, you need to eliminate ALL grain, not just wheat that the Dr. is mentioning (note he says that he’s not speaking to those with Celiac or gluten intolerance).

Note what he says here about it being “economically unfeasible” to go back to ancient grains. Note what he says about wheat being an appetite stimulant; an OPIATE. Note the “deeply flawed logic” about nutrition that our country seems to be following.

After going completely grain free, in my own health, I no longer have high cholesterol, I have lowered what used to be a very high inflammation marker (indication of heart disease), I’ve lost 72 pounds, I’m no longer in pre-diabetic status, I don’t have cravings for baked goods, and I no longer suffer from lifelong depression and anxiety. I got my life back.

What do you think?

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