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Jen Cuevas, Company FounderThe Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet is a company dedicated to showing that a healthy life can STILL be delicious!

Hello!  My name is Jen Cuevas, and I started this company so I could pursue my passion: sharing from my own journey how you can achieve optimal wellness, even with an autoimmune condition!

In 2013, I decided to dedicate my career to the new way of living that helped me overcome disease and conditions I didn’t even know I had.  After realizing that others could benefit from the same journey, I formed a support group and began teaching about the benefits of a grain-free lifestyle. What we share here has one goal:  to help you live an optimally healthy, enjoyable, and abundant life.

With that, we strive for everything (reviewed, recommended, mentioned, supported, sold, etc.) on this site to be 100% free of gluten, grain, soy, dairy, and other inflammatory ingredients, including preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and in some cases, nuts, and eggs.

Because I live this way myself, I go through what you go through!  I understand the issues of eating out, cross contamination, catered events, social gatherings, etc.  You are not alone!  

Another part of my company’s mission is that we strive to show you that living this lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We are constantly told that a person “can’t afford” to eat this way, or that it’s “too complicated.”  I am here to dispel those myths!

Thank you for visiting our site.  I hope that through the blog posts, products, classes, and services offered that YOU can discover that your own healthy life can STILL be delicious!

Yours in optimal health,

~Jen of The GGF Gourmet

Below is a brief version of Jen’s story.

The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet supports delicious eating that is gluten, grain, soy, and free of other inflammatory ingredients. The GGF Gourmet (aka Jen) experienced her own journey to wellness by eating this way, and desires to share the message that Your healthy life can still be delicious™!

Just a few short years ago, Jen was ill with a multitude of issues (although not typical “Celiac” symptoms), including high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, sudden weight gain [over 60 pounds], Hashimoto’s, and arthritis (read more of her story here). After more than seven frustrating visits with various doctors, she finally learned about her gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease.  In becoming well, she found that life without gluten was really great from a health perspective, but affected everything else that had a social factor.

In the time since her diagnosis, Jen has spent a lot of time learning. She was treated by Dr. Glen Aukerman (author: Better Health in 120 days) and attended all of his classes to understand the medical aspect of how various foods affect gluten sensitivity. After discovering how grains were hindering the healing process, she went grain free in 2012, and became a coach and support group leader.

Her goal is to help others with the knowledge she has gained, while providing resources that are delicious and safe for those who are Celiac or have a gluten sensitivity. She has spent much time researching products, speaking and educating, and most of all in the development of recipes that don’t contain gluten, grain, soy, or poultry. She is trained in how to avoid cross-contamination, has personally coached individuals, and given many public presentations on the topic.