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Hearty and Spicy Soup – Gluten, Grain, and Soy Free!

Delicious Hearty Beef Stew – with a kick! Story This soup recipe has become a new favorite at our house! It is grain & soy-free, Paleo, and keto-friendly. I adapted this recipe from Sunny Anderson’s “Steak Soup” listing on Food Network’s website. The recipe had 5 stars, so I thought […]

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Gluten Free & Paleo Hearty and Spicy Soup

Last year, I wrote this on the very same date as today (1/7): “-8 degrees and -32 with the wind?  Whhhaaaattttt???? Yes, folks, we’ve been in a polar vortex.  As a lover of weather in general (my original career path was to be a meteorologist), I’m fascinated with all of […]

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2018 Grain Free Year in Review

<–This collection of photos makes me laugh a little. It’s a compilation of the “best nine” photos from our Instagram account 2018 photo posts. Why does it make me laugh? While it captures some great photos and moments of the year, it doesn’t begin to touch on the best (or the […]

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