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All items listed in the online store are produced in a dedicated gluten free, grain free and soy free facility.  All items listed are gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.  No artificial dyes/colors, fillers, flavorings or preservatives are used.  Other items and custom orders (including special occasion cakes) are available upon request; please e-mail  We ship nationwide!
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Jen’s Favorite Gluten Free & Paleo Items

Jen often gets asked what products she uses for herself.  Shown below are some of the items that she has found along the way, and uses on a regular basis (because she trusts the ingredients [no gluten, grain, or soy], quality, taste, and manufacturing process).

Grain Free Granola

Wildway Granola is the best replacement for grain-based granola! It’s free of gluten, grain, soy, and dairy ingredients.  It contains no artificial colors, flavorings, or refined sugars.

The granola has an outstanding texture and flavor.  Current flavors are: Apple Spice, Coconut Cashew, and Banana Nut.  Other flavors may be available seasonally.

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Gluten Free SupplementsVitamins & Supplements:  When living a gluten free or Paleo lifestyle, supplementation is key to good health.  These supplements are one of the few Jen has found that do not contain gluten, grain, soy, or artificial sweeteners.  Please note:  Always contact your medical provider for advice regarding supplementation.  

For intestinal healing, UltraImmune IgG and Omega Heal are options to consider.  For daily vitamins, consider Ultra Nutrients and Vitamin D drops. 

kasandrinos_300x250 (1)

Olive Oil:  When Jen sampled Kasandrinos at a Paleo conference, she was thrilled to take home a bottle of their cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, straight from Greece!  What surprised her was the incredible difference in the taste and quality of the oil itself as compared to store-bought olive oil.  Jen now uses Kasandrinos exclusively while cooking for herself and for her clients.

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Affiliate disclosure: In some cases, Jen may receive samples of the products shown to share for giveaways, or she may receive a small percentage from a purchase (this does NOT increase your price). She carefully chooses to represent items which she fully trusts their quality, taste, and manufacturing practices (and she does no other advertising to keep the website easy on the eyes!)  Thanks in advance for your support. 


Jen started The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet because she knows how difficult it can be to find foods that are gluten free or Paleo and still taste great.  By being selective with recipes and constantly experimenting, she doesn’t settle for “it tastes okay.”  She has developed a line of gourmet foods that are delicious for everyone to enjoy!

Some items can be shipped, while others (i.e. chocolate, pizza crusts) are only available for pickup or delivery at a local market (to keep them fresh or from melting).  For items not listed in the online store, or if you have a special request, contact us.

Gluten FreeNeed help with a special day or event?  We have treat trays and multiple options to choose from to celebrate any occasion.  Every item is gluten, grain, and soy free, and we have plenty of options that are dairy-free and free of refined sugar.