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Grain Free Appetizer Recipes

A holiday weekend is coming up. You’ve been strict with your grain-free dietary lifestyle, and it’s WORKING! (congratulations!!) But oh, those parties with friends and relatives. The foods are on the table, the drinks are mixed, the wine is poured. Temptation is all around! BUT, you know how you feel […]

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Product Alert: Aldi’s Organic Pasta Sauce Ingredient Change

Something that is absolutely necessary as part of a grain free lifestyle is reading labels. Every. Single. Time. !! As a food manufacturer myself, I can tell you that from time to time, ingredients change. They just do. There are a number of reasons for this: for anything we don’t […]

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Grain Free Mayonnaise Recipe (Dairy Free, Soy Free, Paleo)

Have you been longing for some of your favorite basics while trying to follow a grain free or Paleo lifestyle?  Are you following a ketogenic or low carb dietary lifestyle and are tired of digging through the grocery store aisle, reading every label?  If so, then this mayonnaise recipe is for you! Some […]

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